Population: 800 (Search -2)

Physical and Magical Environment

Terrain: Plains
Appearance: Unattractive (-1)Hygene: -1
Normal Mana (Common Enchantment)

Culture and Economy

Language: CommonLiteracy: None
TL: 3
Wealth: Struggling (x1/2)Status: -2 to +2

Political Environment

Government: Feudal, Municipality
CR: 3 (Corruption -2)
Military Resources: $1,400Defense Bonus: +4

Sitton is a large village on the north edge of the Duchy of Carilia. To the north of the village lie wastes, but a few days to the south lies the rest of the duchy. Sitton is the last outpost of civilization before travelers meet the less-civilized creatures of the Nordeast. There is a small dwarf community here, a leftover of a time when dwarves ruled the whole area.

In Sitton, folks can buy basic gear worth up to $5,000. If they to sell loot, there is about $80,000 cash in Sitton. If anyone needs to buy and sell among greater wealth, the Duke’s capitol of Newcombe lies about a week’s trip to the south. Coins are as in GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 2: Dungeons; a copper coin is a farthing, a silver coin a penny, a gold coin a crown. Most business is handled through barter, or in farthings for those times when someone needs money.

The local tongue is known as Common. Assume all civilized humanoids in Sitton know it at Native/None, as well as any racial tongues. Assume that all other humanoids, including the kobolds and goblins, know it at Broken/None unless stated otherwise.

A Lord Mayor, an appointee of the Duke, rules Sitton. There is a new Lord Mayor, Calumer, as Gwelsin, a known assassin, murdered the last one, Murbodí, two weeks ago. Gwelsin has been caught and thrown into jail to await hanging. While meaningless to the adventure, these happenings are the village’s gossip.


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