Kobold shaman


ST: 6; DX: 11; IQ: 10; HT: 13.
Damage: 1d-4/1d-3; BL: 7.1 lb.; HP: 6; Will: 10; Per: 12; FP: 13.
Basic Speed: 6.25; Basic Move: 4; Dodge: 9.
3’; 25 lb. (SM -2).

Social Background

TL: 3.
CF: Kobold.
Languages: Common (Accented/None); Draconic (Accented/None); Kobold (Native/None).


Charisma 1; Kobold; Patron (Dragon, 9 or less).
Perk: Honest Face.


Duty (Dragon, 12 or less); Selfish (6); Skinny.
Quirk: Proud of his ability to grovel.


Area Knowledge (Sneerglaw mines)-10 (IQ+0); Detect Lies-10 (Per-2); Fast-Talk-11 (IQ+1); Intimidation-10 (Will+0); Knife-11 (DX+0); Leadership-10* (IQ+0); Savoir-Faire (Servant)-12 (IQ+2); Scrounging-14† (Per+2); Stealth-11 (DX+0); Survival (Underground)-13† (Per+1); Traps-11† (IQ+1).

  • Includes +1 for Charisma.
    † Includes +2 for Wily Little Bugger (from Kobold racial template).

A skinny kobold who is wearing robes big enough to fit a halfling. He is proud of his groveling skill. He serves Gemore the Dragon out of fear of being eaten himself, which hasn’t happened since he’s too thin for a good meal.


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