Goblin lieutenant


ST: 12; DX: 11; IQ: 10; HT: 12.
Damage: 1d-1/1d+2; BL: 29 lb.; HP 13; Will 11; Per 11; FP 12.
Basic Speed: 6.00; Basic Move: 6; Dodge: 12; Parry: 13 (Shortsword); Block: 11.
6’; 180 lb. (SM 0).

Social Background

TL: 3.
CF: Goblin.
Languages: Common (Accented/None); Goblin (Native/None).


Charisma 1; Combat Reflexes; Goblin; Buy off racial Cowardice (12).


Incurious (12).
Quirks: Encourages his foes in fights.


Area Knowledge (Sneerglaw Mines)-10 (IQ+0); Bow-12 (DX+1); Broadsword-14 (DX+2); Fast Draw (Broadsword)-12* (DX+1); Knife-11 (DX+0); Leadership-11 (IQ+1); Riding (Wolf)-10 (DX-1); Savoir-Faire (Military)-10 (IQ+0); Shield-12 (DX+1); Soldier/TL 3-10 (IQ+0); Strategy (Land)-9 (IQ-1); Tactics-9 (IQ-1); Thrown Weapon (Knife)-11 (DX+0).

  • Includes +1 from Combat Reflexes.


Broadsword (14): 1d+3 cutting. Reach 1 or 1d crushing. Reach 1. Parry 11.
Punch (11): 1d-2 crushing. Reach C. Parry 9.
Kick (9): 1d crushing. Reach C, 1.
Bite (11): 1d-2 cutting. Reach C.
Short Bow (12): 1d-1 impaling. Accuracy 1. Range 120/180. RoF 1. Shots 1 (2). Bulk -6.
Medium Shield (12): 1d-1 crushing. Reach 1. Block 10.

Equipment: Mail hauberk (DR 4/2* torso, groin); mail sleeves (DR 4/2* arms); mail coif (DR 4/2* skull, neck); boots (DR 2* feet); gloves (DR 2* hands); medium shield (DB 2); broadsword; short bow; 20 arrows; amulet.

Notes: His Move is -2 due to encumbrance.


The older brother of Haugolo, Fatasek left his tribe to join his exiled brother. He takes pride in his combat, and likes teaching others to do the same. He does not talk much, but deals with his foes with respect. He does not fight out of hatred; he fights because it is his job. He does not know many gory details of his brother’s plans, nor does he want to know, but he does know quite a bit about his tribes raiding forays. He will encourage other combatants, even the undead and his foes, telling them, “Good strike!” or “Here’s what you did wrong!”

He will not fight to his death. His brother knows this and is not happy about it, but accepts it as part of the package. Under his coif, he is balding.


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