Evil necromancer


ST: 10; DX: 12; IQ: 15; HT: 12.
Damage: 1d-2/1d; BL: 20 lb.; HP: 11; Will: 16; Per: 13; FP: 15.
Basic Speed: 6.00; Basic Move: 6; Dodge: 9; Parry: 12 (Staff).
5’2”; 130 lb. (SM 0).

Social Background

TL: 3.
CF: Goblin.
Languages: Common (Native); Goblin (Native).


Charisma 3; Energy Reserve (Magical) 5; Goblin; Magery 5; Signature Gear (Staff).


Obsession (Rule his tribe) (12); Paranoia; Social Stigma (Excommunicated).
Quirks: Likes to haggle.


Alchemy/TL3-15 (IQ+0); Area Knowledge (Sneerglaw Mines)-15 (IQ+0); Diplomacy-13 (IQ-2); First Aid/TL3-15 (IQ+0); Hazardous Materials/TL3 (Magical)-14 (IQ-1); Hidden Lore (Demons)-15 (IQ+0); Hidden Lore (Magic Items)-14 (IQ-1); Hidden Lore (Magical Writings)-14 (IQ-1); Hidden Lore (Spirits)-14 (IQ-1); Hidden Lore (Undead)-14 (IQ-1); Meditation-15 (Will-1); Occultism-15 (IQ+0); Research/TL3-14 (IQ-1); Scrounging-13 (Per+0); Speed-Reading-14 (IQ-1); Staff-14 (DX+2); Stealth-12 (DX+0); Strategy (Land)-13 (IQ-2); Teaching-14 (IQ-1); Thaumatology-16 * (IQ+1); Throwing-13 (DX+1); Writing-14 (IQ-1).

  • +5 from Magery.


Analyze Magic-17; Animate Shadow-17; Apportation-17; Aura-17; Blackout-17; Clumsiness-17; Continual Light-17; Control Zombie-17; Counterspell-17; Darkness-17; Death Vision-17; Deathtouch-17; Decay-17; Detect Magic-17; Dispel Magic-17; Fear-17; Hush-17; Identify Spell-17; Itch-17; Lend Energy-17; Lend Vitality-17; Light-17; Mass Zombie-16; Minor Healing-17; Pain-17; Paralyze Limb-17; Pestilence-17; Recover Energy-17; Rotting Death-16; Scryguard-17; Sense Emotion-17; Sense Foes-17; Shape Darkness-17; Shield-17; Sickness-17; Silence-17; Skull-Spirit-17; Sound-17; Spasm-17; Steal Energy-17; Steal Vitality-17; Stun-17; Summon Spirit-17; Teleport-16; Terror-17; Test Food-17; Ward-17; Wither Limb-17; Zombie-17; Zombie Summoning-17.

All spells include +5 for Magery.

Equipment: Wizard Robes; Quarterstaff (Balanced, Fine, Ornate 3, Power Item (11 FP), Staff): swing 1d2 cr, thrust 1d cr, Reach 1, 2; Major Healing Potion; Minor Healing Potion (2); Paut (2); Manual: Corrupting Holy Altars and Other Good Rituals for Dummies; Shoes (DR 1*; feet).


Haugolo is an outcast from his goblin tribe for studying the Dark Arts. Small even for a goblin, he wears cheap tattered robes and his black hair is unkempt; his dress matters not to him. His magic matters to him, as does revenge on his tribesmen. First, he wants to take over the tribe, and then he wants to make its leaders his undead slaves. To do this, Haugolo has sought the help of his brother Fatasek and the young Ognas, two goblins unhappy with the tribe’s leaders. He will talk to those who want to talk, but he likes haggling over each small point.

As the first living being to dwell in the mines again, Haugolo knows them well. He knows enough to stay clear of the peshkali, and that they will not bother him if he does not bother them due to their enchantment. The kobolds do not trouble him, but their dragon master does. He will not waste zombies on driving out the kobolds, as they are beneath him, but does need to use them to keep the kobolds at bay.


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