Local priestess of Plentingud


Necaria is a pretty (Attractive Appearance) woman who rose in the Church of Plentigud and wound up assigned to Sitton as a parish priest. She is skilled: Power Investiture 4, IQ 15, Cleric!-17. However, she isn’t much of a physical specimen: ST 8, Overweight, Move 4, Laziness.


Necaria is a plump woman in her mid-30s, raven hair and ruby lips. She takes pride in her work, though secretly she hopes the church will move her elsewhere and is averse to physical labor. She is generally kind to others, though guarded. She knows everything about the Church of Plentigud in Sitton, and is the only person in town who knows of the theft of the altar, which she is trying to keep secret. She is usually honest, but will play up her beauty to get men to do things for her, especially hard work.

Necaria holds Religious Rank 3 and Status 1; she is well-regarded around town, and has Reputation +1 (Sitton townsfolk; All the time). The local church is not a Patron of any real merit, but the national church is one worth 10 points. As a Contact, Necaria can provide Theology (Good)-21 or Area Knowledge (Sitton)-18; she is completely reliable.


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