Shady merchant of Sitton


Use Merchant!-11 for all his skills. He isn’t a good chapman, but he has good contacts. Otherwise, his game stats are average, though he has Basic Move 3 due to being Fat. He knows his birth tongue of Common at Native/Native, and can speak the tongues of the nearby humanoids at Accented/None.


Poiút is a fat man of 38 years, wearing dark maroon robes and a gold necklace falling atop his belly. He has a blond mop of curly hair.

A successful Area Knowledge (Sitton) check will let the players know that Poiút is a middling cheating chapman who inherited his business from his father. A further successful check lets them know that he has friends among both the nobility and the nearby non-humans, including halflings, goblins, and orcs, none of whom are disgusted by him. He runs a trading company, but seldom leaves Sitton, as he hates travel.

The folk of Sitton know of Poiút’s Gluttony (9) and Greed (12) – Reputation -1 (Folk of Sitton; All the time). The nearby humanoids know him as the big man who does business with them – Reputation +1 (Non-humans living near Sitton, 10 or less). He has Status 1 due to his business. As a Contact, he can provide Administration-15 or Current Affairs (Business)-15; he is unreliable.


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